The Fregoso Outdoor Foundation provides a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities to our Veterans, Military Members, and their Families. Our events range from military members only to events for the entire family. The programs are broken into four different categories: Hunting, Fishing, Water Sports, and Snow Sports. For a more detailed explanation of each category, please click on the links below. OUTDOOR PROGRAMS

PROGRAM: Hunting

The Fregoso Outdoor Foundation works with a variety of professional outfitters throughout the United States to insure the highest quality hunting opportunities to our veterans and military members. Our hunts are held in small groups so our warriors have the ability to engage with fellow veterans or military members while enjoying the serenity of the great outdoors. Before any of our hunts we provide a mandatory hunter safety course for those who have not previously gone through licensure, a review of protocol and gun safety prior to hitting the field, and a session of shooting clays for practice. Some of the hunts that we offer include deer, pig, bear, and an array of upland game birds. Our hunts take place on hunting reserves, ranches and at private hunting clubs. Most of our hunts are in the fall and throughout the winter depending on the season for that specific animal. Take a look at our events calendar for upcoming hunts and additional programs. We do not turn anyone down based on ability; we have the equipment to make sure everyone is able to come out on one of our hunts.

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PROGRAM: Fishing

The Fregoso Outdoor Foundation currently offers a variety of opportunities to go fishing throughout the state of California. The foundation works closely with charters, fishing clubs, and professional fishermen to provide the different fishing trips that include: Deep Sea Fishing Excursions, Bass Fishing Tournaments, as well as Family Fishing Derby’s. The sport of fishing has been around forever and will continue to be a favorite pastime for many generations to come. Here at the Fregoso Outdoor Foundation we recognize the therapeutic components of fishing and work very hard insure that every trip is meaningful to our warriors and their families. We welcome all ability levels and look forward to sharing some of our fishing stories in addition to being part of new ones with you and possibly your family. Take a look at our events calendar for upcoming fishing adventures and additional programs. We do not turn anyone down based on ability; we have the equipment to make sure everyone is able to come out on one of our trips.

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The Fregoso Outdoor Foundation offers a variety of water activities throughout the summer to our Warriors and their families. The foundation partners with, Jones Valley Resort and Marina, and Hyperlite Wakeboards to provide multiple days on Lake Shasta. The activities that are available include: Wakeboarding, Waterskiing, Tubing, Knee Boarding, Surfing, Fishing, or hanging out in the sun. We provide the variety of activities in hopes that every family finds something that they all enjoy and can do together. Our weeklong event of the summer is called, Warriors on the Lake, this event allows us to take out multiple families each day to enjoy free access to our houseboats, wakeboard boats, ski boats, and to have the opportunity to try out multiple water activities. While on any of our events we provide all meals and cover all costs associated to that event for our participants.

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The Fregoso Outdoor Foundation provides weekend ski and snowboard trips to their warriors and their families. The skiing and snowboarding take place at Alpine Meadows in North Lake Tahoe where we partner with professional alpine and adaptive instructors to provide each individual a personal lesson based on their ability level. Lodging, meals, transportation, lift tickets, and rentals are all provided by the foundation. Our ski trips are family trips with multiple military families on each outing. Here at the Fregoso Outdoor Foundation we hope to provide the chance for families to learn the skills needed to ski and snowboard together on the hill for years to come.

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Career Services

The Fregoso Outdoor Foundation now is pleased to offer a variety of services geared to help our veterans, their caregivers and family members develop or increase the skills necessary for job placement or job advancement.  The foundation works closely with local businessmen and women in the region to offer traditional training on most of the needed software tools as well as help with resumes, interviewing skills, public speaking and more. Here at the Fregoso Outdoor Foundation we recognize the value and camaraderie of spending time in the outdoors and now are pleased to offer additional support in terms of job skills, networking and ultimately job placement.  The Foundation is teaming with local companies to help train, network and recommend career paths for those who are willing to put in the effort. We welcome all ability levels and look forward to being part of your path both in the great outdoors and in the work place. Keep an eye on this page for upcoming classes, but in the meantime, if you are interested in help with your career or related skill sets, please click our registration button to fill out an application! For questions about this service please contact: Jeff James Committee Member (916) 201-3375 Application of Interest