Welcome! The Veteran Center is here to provide you with the opportunity to register with the Fregoso Outdoor Foundation and our upcoming events. We have two registration options depending on your interests and the events that we offer. By clicking on each tab it will provide you with a brief description of the intended use of each application. Also, under each tab you will find our applications in a PDF version and the Fregoso Outdoor Foundations event waiver. We hope to hear from you soon!

Warrior Application

The Warrior Application is used for individual Veterans and Military Members exclusively. By filling out this application we know that you are interested in participating in an event that is for veterans and military members only. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be by yourself it just means that you will be with other military members instead of families. If interested in our family events, please fill out that application as well. Program Registration Online! Download Application (PDF)


The Fregoso Outdoor Foundation now is pleased to offer a variety of services geared to help our veterans, their caregivers and family members develop or increase the skills necessary for job placement or job advancement.  The foundation works closely with local businessmen and women in the region to offer traditional training on most of the needed software tools as well as help with resumes, interviewing skills, public speaking and more. Here at the Fregoso Outdoor Foundation we recognize the value and camaraderie of spending time in the outdoors and now are pleased to offer additional support in terms of job skills, networking and ultimately job placement.  The Foundation is teaming with local companies to help train, network and recommend career paths for those who are willing to put in the effort. We welcome all ability levels and look forward to being part of your path both in the great outdoors and in the work place. Keep an eye on this page for upcoming classes, but in the meantime, if you are interested in help with your career or related skill sets, please click our registration button to fill out an application! For questions about this service please contact: Jeff James Committee Member (916) 201-3375 jeff.j.james@sbcglobal.net Register Online!