The Fregoso Outdoor Foundation is a small organization that appreciates any amount contribution. Every dollar we receive contributes to providing a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities for our combat veterans, military members, and their families. We are a 501(C)(3) and all contributors will receive a tax letter with our tax ID # for tax deduction purposes. We appreciate your support and could not do it without individuals like yourself.

General Donations

For the individuals that would like to give a onetime gift to the organization.

$25.00 helps pay for a Warriors meals during a one day event.
$100.00 pays for a night of lodging for a Warrior.
$250.00 pays for a group of five Warriors to shoot Sporting Clays.
$500.00 pays for two Warriors to go on a Duck Hunt.

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Monthly Gifts

Re-Occuring gifts can happen on many different levels and can provide essential funding to the Fregoso Outdoor Foundation.

Monthly Gift Amount Where It Goes! What It Means To You
$5.00 a month = $60.00 a year Pays for a Warrior’s hunter safety course and a 1 year California hunting license. One less Starbucks a month.
$10.00 a month = $120.00 a year Pays for a Warrior to go on a full day fishing trip. Includes fishing gear, license, guide, and meals. One less lunch eating out a month.
$25.00 a month = $300.00 a year Pays the gas for two days of waterskiing/wakeboarding with a Warrior’s Family. One less bottle of wine.
$50.00 a month= $600.00 a year Pays for a Warrior to go on a Wild Pig Hunt. One less afternoon of golf a month.
$100.00 a month = 1,200.00 a year Pays for a Warrior’s family of four to go skiing or snowboarding for the weekend. Includes lift tickets, lessons, food, and lodging. One less night of dinner and drinks for a family of four a month.


Donate Today!

In-Kind Donations

In-Kind contributions can be just as needed and valued as money donations. The In-Kind donations that the foundation could use but are not limited to include airline miles, use of a vacation rentals, hunting privileges on private land, or a variety of professional services. If you would like to contribute in the means of an In-Kind donation please email Kelly at